Internal Upgrade

The Kenmore District Kindergarten Committee and Staff are committed to creating an inviting and nurturing environment for the children. The landscape project was completed in 2019 and in 2020 improving the internal spaces was a priority. When looking at the interior critically and from feedback from families in the parent survey it was noted that it was quite dated and finishes were worn.

The proposed refurbishment was discussed in detail with the staff, committee and parents, particularly those with design experience. They wanted to provide clean, safe and beautiful spaces for the staff and children alike.

In 2019 the committee applied for the Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant and were successful in their application. They received $35,000 which was put towards the renovation.

Through this renovation, old carpet and vinyl areas were replaced with new timber look vinyl, natural tone carpet with custom circle and oval shapes for music and group times. The walls and ceilings were painted in modern neutral colours and new LED light fittings were installed throughout the kindy, which should have a positive effect to the electricity bills. New vinyl decals can be seen in the entry, these were painted by an artist on the Gold Coast and vinyl stickers were made, cut and installed by Trivision. These stickers celebrate the new names of the Kindy groups which are Australian birds.
All curtains have been replaced with sunscreen blinds and as they can be rolled right back to allow maximum light into the classrooms. To complete the refurbishment a new updated and consistent package of furniture will be included in the home corner areas in the classrooms.

The staff, children and families are so grateful to work and play in such a light and attractive space. Thank you to the 2020 Committee and Nominated Supervisor!