Enrolment FAQs

Q:  What hours do the groups operate at the Kindy?
A:  Please visit our Groups and Program Hours page.

Q: What age does my child have to be to attend Kenmore District?
A: Children born between 01/7/16 to 30/6/17 are eligible for our 2021 Kindergarten groups.

Q: Does my child have to stay for the full hours of the group?
A: No, however normal fees will still apply.

Q: If my child misses a day due to illness or other reason, can he/she make it up on another day?
A: Unfortunately no, as children from the other groups attend on those days.

Q: If my child cannot attend the Kindergarten for a couple of weeks, do I have to pay for that time?
A: Yes, if your child has a place in a group, then all fees are to be paid for the full year. Fees are due at the start of each term.

Q: My child has not had a sleep during the day for some time, does he/she need to sleep at kindy?
A: Yes, as your child will be at the Centre for more than 4 hours, it is a requirement that all children have rest time. Not all children sleep, however they lie on the bed and have a rest.

Q: Can my child start at the Kindergarten later on during the year?
A: If you would like that place to be held for your child, you are required to pay all fees, even if your child is not attending the Kindergarten. Or you can contact us closer to the time and see if we have any vacancies.

Q: Which group will my child be offered a place in and how are the groups decided upon?
A: Kindergarten children are offered a place in entry date order. Any age appropriate children currently enrolled at the Centre have first preference for kindergarten offers. The groups are filled up as to the chosen preferences of those kindergarten children. If all kindergarten children on our waiting list have been offered a place, we are then able to offer any spare places to the 3 to 3 ½ year old children on our waiting list. Kenmore District has so far been able to offer places to all the kindergarten aged children on our waiting list.

Q: Can I claim any reduction on Kindergarten fees?
A: If you have a current Australian Health Care Card for your child, you are able to receive a reduction in fees, as determined by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme.

Q: Is my child’s Kindergarten fees funded by the Government?
A: All eligible children at the centre are funded by the Government. The Centre receives this funding quarterly from our Central Governing Body, The Gowrie.  The centre then sets fees with that funding taken into account.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Centre on 3378 2068 or email admin@kdkindy.com.au.