Dentist Visit with Kevin the Crocodile

Dr Matt came in to the kindy to talk with us about looking after our teeth.  He is a paediatric dentist and he brought his friend, Kevin the crocodile.  Kevin was a bit cheeky and sometimes squirted water!

Dr Matt  discussed with us why our teeth are important- we use them smile, to chew our food, talk, sing, whistle. He then showed us how to brush our teeth:

Brush Brush Brush your teeth

Brush them twice a day

Up and down and round and round

Keeps the germs away 

We practiced by brushing Kevin’s teeth and then we had a big talk about foods that are “Anyday” foods and “Sometimes” foods.  Some foods have a lot of sugar in them and are not so good for our body and teeth if we were to eat them everyday so we call them “Sometimes” foods.

Thanks Dr Matt!