Book and Puzzle Lending Libraries

Did you know that Kindergarten age children who are read to 3-5 times a week have a reading ability similar to children 6 months older?  Regular reading time also promotes enhanced communication, speech and numeracy skills, logical thinking and imagination opportunities, and of course, the enjoyment that comes from sharing a cuddle and a book with our children.

Kenmore District Kindergarten is well-resourced when it comes to books and puzzles and over the years has built up a wonderful collection for both learning and fun.

Our Kindy operates 3 lending libraries providing borrowing opportunities for both parents and children:

  • 200+ puzzles for beginners and beyond.
  • 1000+ children’s picture books covering a huge range of topics
  • 70+ resource books available for parent borrowing

In addition to the lending libraries, our teachers operate a separate and substantial puzzle and book collection to share with the children as part of the daily learning and fun opportunities available at Kenmore District Kindy.