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Arrival At and Departure From the Centre

Children must be brought to the Centre and collected by a responsible adult of at least 18 years of age. On arrival, the adult must complete and sign the Attendance Book and take the child to a staff member.

When departing, the adult collecting the child must come into the room and ensure that staff are aware that the child is leaving. A signature and departure time as well as a printed name are required in the Attendance Book on departure. Staff must be informed if someone other than a custodial parent will be collecting the child. If your child is collected by someone who you have not authorised in the Enrolment Booklet, a “Temporary Authority to Collect” form must be completed.

What does your child need to bring?

Your child should bring the following items to kindergarten (all clearly named) 

  1. One plastic mug with handle
  2. Change of clothing
  3. Two shady hats
  4. Healthy snack for afternoon (Mini Kindy group only)
  5. *One small hand towel no larger than 30cm square with a curtain ring or loop attached to the centre, NOT the edge.
  6. *One drawstring bag approximately 60cm square to hold sheets. Named clearly on the OUTSIDE of the bag.
  7. *One bottom sheet made from summer material
  8. *One light summer top sheet
  9. One small pillow (optional)
  10. One small blanket during winter
  11. *One drawstring library bag measuring 50cm x 60cm. Named clearly on the OUTSIDE of the bag.
  12. Lunch in a SMALL compact plastic lunch box (NOT insulated) and some fruit for morning tea (no drink bottles, ‘poppers’ or cooling bricks required as lunches are kept in the fridge).  (Those children in the long day program will need to bring a healthy snack for afternoon tea as well).

Items marked with a * are available as a set from the Centre at a cost of $55.00.

Above items 6 to 12 do not apply to our Mini Kindy group.

All items should be clearly labelled with the child’s name


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