Bee Aware Incursion

On the 12th & 15th March, Toby from Bee Aware came and spoke to the children about bees, especially native bees including the tickle bees otherwise known as native stingless bees that we have at kindy.

The children learnt if there were no bees we wouldn’t be able to eat fruit, as many of the fruits we love like strawberries, oranges and blueberries rely on bees. Stinging Bees only sting because they are scared. If you stand still and just watch them, then you probably won’t get stung.

We found out how bees collect and make the honey and also how to ‘rob’ the hives; including a live demonstration. The honey that was collected was then poured into a jar. The best bit – we all had the opportunity to taste this yummy honey both straight from the hive and from the jug of collected honey. The children were fascinated.

60th Anniversary

This year Kenmore District Kindergarten celebrated its 60th year of providing high quality early childhood education and care.

To celebrate this important milestone, we held a Family Fun Day on Saturday 22nd July 2017.

Thanks you to all the families who shared this special day with us. Thank you to the local businesses for supporting us in holding this event.

Our featured children entertainer was Jurrasic Joe


Thank you to our sponsors and silent auction partners.

Author, Cori Brooke

We enjoyed having author Cori Brooke at our Kindy during book week. Cori, author of ‘Fearless with Dad’ and ‘Max and George’ read her books to the children along with her other favourite stories.

Cori also read her book called ‘All I Want for Christmas is Rain’ which made it onto the Children’s Book Council of Australia Early Childhood Book of the Year 2017 Short List.

We are so pleased to have our own signed copy of ‘Fearless with Dad’!


Flying Arts

Cate Collopy, from the Flying Arts Alliance, worked with the children in making a clay fish. The children used their fine motor skills to pinch, roll and flatten the clay. They then used shells, sequins and beads to decorate their fish.

The children were very proud of their creations!

Geckoes Wildlife

What a privilege it was to meet so many native Australian animals at Kindy. The ladies from Geckoes Wildlife brought along with them their beautiful and tame animals which the children were able to touch and observe close-up.

We saw turtles, a tree frog, a variety of lizards and a carpet python. We also met a ring-tailed possum, a potoroo and a chatty tawny frogmouth. The children all had the opportunity to touch a baby salt-water crocodile.

What an experience!

geckoes-tree-frog geckoes-possum geckoes-croc


At Kenmore District Kindergarten we recognise the value and positive effect for all children in engaging in physical activity.  Providing a movement program at this early age enables children to acquire fundamental motor skills alongside gaining feelings of competence in movement.  Once in place, these skills serve as the foundation for more complex skills later in life.  Happy, successful experiences early on will have a positive effect, enhancing not only physical development but also cognitive and social development.  Active physical play engages the enthusiasm of children.  Children use movement to express feelings, manipulate objects and learn about their world as well as delighting in physical accomplishment and enjoyment of movement.

At Kenmore District Kindergarten physical activity and movement are integral components of our everyday programs and we also enlist the skills of outside sports companies such as Go Sports to provide specific programs for a block of time throughout the year to enhance and support the physical development of the children attending our service.

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Circular Rhythm by Lucas Proudfoot

The children experienced a unique indigenous performance by Lucas Proudfoot. Lucas shared with the children some of his knowledge about aboriginal culture including how the didgeridoo is made and played. The children were able to sing and dance while Lucas played on his musical instruments including the guitar, stomp box and didgeridoo, clap sticks and boomerangs.

P1210277 P1210281

Healthy Harrold Visits Kenmore District Kindergarten

Narelle from Life Education came to teach the children about the importance of road safety, sun safety, water safety and safety around medications.

Narelle used her puppet, Healthy Harold, Life Education’s giraffe mascot, to teach the children how to make good and safe choices. The children were also involved in storytelling, music & movement and interactive games.

P1400547 (2) P1400579 (2)


All the children enjoyed taking part in the Centre’s Obstacle-a-thon. The children went around the obstacle course at least 10 times each! The course included skills such as balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing, catching and crawling. Thank you to the families, friends and neighbours who sponsored the children. The funds raised will go towards some exciting construction kits and ICT software.

P1400358 P1400369 P1400390 P1400395 P1400400

DR JOE: Science incursion

All the Kindy groups had the opportunity to meet Dr Joe, the travelling Scientist. Dr Joe brought along with him his science equipment which the children were able to use. The resources helped the children to question and find things out about light, sounds, textures, smells and electricity. Dr Joe was very impressed by the children’s enquiring minds!