How We Operate


Kenmore District Kindergarten is a not-for-profit community kindergarten.  This means that any profit that the Kindy makes is directed back into the centre, for the sole benefit of the children to ensure they have access to the highest standard of education.

A volunteer committee is elected each year from the parent body and is responsible for the overall management of the Kindy.  The centre director has oversight of the day-to-day operations, with all staff qualified and experienced in early childhood.  Our centre is affiliated with The Gowrie which has been providing the highest standard of early childhood education in Queensland since 1940.

Attending Kenmore District Kindergarten is a lovely legacy amongst many families, with multiple generations having their ‘first day’ photographs taken in front of the Kindy gatehouse.

Having a child at our centre is to join a community, with lifelong friendships formed amongst children and parents alike.



Kenmore District Kindergarten Philosophy

At Kenmore District Kindergarten, we believe in excellence in education for each child through play.

Learning through play is the most successful way for young children to develop the skills necessary to be lifelong learners, setting them along the road to a well balanced adult life. As stated in the National Early Years Learning Framework “Play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. When children play with other children they create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings.” Using the voices of children, families and educators we shape the curriculum through play based experiences. The collaboration of children and families each year leads to new challenges and learning opportunities for all.

We view children as unique and curious learners who have their own way of exploring and making sense of the world around them. We aim to create a secure and supportive environment that encourages children to develop independence, confidence and skills, explore their interests, learn at their own pace, develop friendships, be an effective communicator, and become a contributing and respectful member of the group.  We work towards empowering children to question, engage in critical thinking, problem solve, persevere, accept challenges and build emotional resilience.

We recognise parents and guardians as children’s first and foremost educators and therefore value their contribution to the centre.  These opportunities may include sharing skills, cultures and interests in the educational program, attending parent meetings and social functions, being actively involved in fund raising activities and contributing at committee management level. We promote positive partnerships with families through open communication and we recognise and embrace the diversity of everyone in our kindergarten community.

We respect nature and our learning environment and encourage sustainable practices throughout the centre.

At Kenmore District Kindergarten, we value our links with local schools and our strong connections with our community. We believe in participation in local events and liaise with services and resources to enrich our program. Through reciprocal relationships, we value our learning community and strive for excellence.