Gowrie Affiliation

Gowrie is a community-based not-for-profit organisation providing a diverse range of early childhood and family support services. The Brisbane Lady Gowrie Child Centre was established in 1940 and has grown substantially over the years. Gowrie distributes funding available from the Queensland Government to its services, under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme. This funding contributes to approximately 40 – 50% of the overall costs of our centre and the Management Committee is responsible for the remaining operational costs. These costs are covered by fees and fundraising, and the committee relies upon the personal commitment of the parents to become involved in these efforts.

Affiliation with the Gowrie means that Kenmore District Kindergarten has reached high standards in the areas of staff qualifications, educational programs, safety, facilities, buildings and grounds.  It also means that we have an approved Constitution and that we are community controlled, through a Management Committee elected from the parent body and other interested community members.

An affiliated Kindergarten’s curriculum is supervised by a Gowrie Early Childhood Co-ordinator.   Affiliation also gives us access to the resources of the Gowrie Association which include:

  • management advice, including seminars for committees
  • professional development for teachers and assistants
  • support for staff in curriculum development
  • marketing advice
  • playground consultancy
  • funding