At Kenmore District Kindergarten we recognise the value and positive effect for all children in engaging in physical activity.  Providing a movement program at this early age enables children to acquire fundamental motor skills alongside gaining feelings of competence in movement.  Once in place, these skills serve as the foundation for more complex skills later in life.  Happy, successful experiences early on will have a positive effect, enhancing not only physical development but also cognitive and social development.  Active physical play engages the enthusiasm of children.  Children use movement to express feelings, manipulate objects and learn about their world as well as delighting in physical accomplishment and enjoyment of movement.

At Kenmore District Kindergarten physical activity and movement are integral components of our everyday programs and we also enlist the skills of outside sports companies such as Go Sports to provide specific programs for a block of time throughout the year to enhance and support the physical development of the children attending our service.

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