Healthy Harrold Visits Kenmore District Kindergarten

Narelle from Life Education came to teach the children about the importance of road safety, sun safety, water safety and safety around medications.

Narelle used her puppet, Healthy Harold, Life Education’s giraffe mascot, to teach the children how to make good and safe choices. The children were also involved in storytelling, music & movement and interactive games.

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All the children enjoyed taking part in the Centre’s Obstacle-a-thon. The children went around the obstacle course at least 10 times each! The course included skills such as balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing, catching and crawling. Thank you to the families, friends and neighbours who sponsored the children. The funds raised will go towards some exciting construction kits and ICT software.

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DR JOE: Science incursion

All the Kindy groups had the opportunity to meet Dr Joe, the travelling Scientist. Dr Joe brought along with him his science equipment which the children were able to use. The resources helped the children to question and find things out about light, sounds, textures, smells and electricity. Dr Joe was very impressed by the children’s enquiring minds!