Waterbug Wonders

The children have recently enjoyed having the fun, educational and interactive incursion by ‘Waterbug Wonders’.
Waterbug Wonders is an official Nature Play Queensland program and was run by Sue and Wanda.

The children learned about the various insects found in freshwater and were taught that they should use their local creeks and rivers to explore, appreciate and conserve the animals and insects which live in these habitats.

The children were delighted to explore all the resources Sue had to offer and they were able to catch bugs such as Whirligigs, Dragonfly nymphs, Water measurers, Damselfly nymphs and many more!

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

All the children brought their favourite teddy or soft toy to Kindy. We played games, sang songs and had a lovely picnic with our teddies.

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Rethink Your Rubbish

A representative from Brisbane City Council came to teach the children about helping our environment by reducing our water, recycling plastic, card, metal, paper and glass and reusing items whenever possible.

We also discussed what we can do with our food scraps such as using compost bins and feeding chooks and the worms in our worm farm.