June 2016

1 June – Parent/Teacher Interviews

4 June – Kindy Open Morning  (9:30am – 11:30am)

13 June – Obstacle-athon (A3, LM)

16 June – Obstacle-athon (J2, LF)

19 June – Working Bee  (8:30am – 11:30am)

20 June – Healthy Harrold (A3, LM)

23 June – Healthy Harrold (J2, LF)

May 2016

3 May – Re-think your Rubbish (A3, LM)

5 May – Re-think your Rubbish (J2, LF)

17 May – Committee Meeting (7:30pm)

24 May – Special Visitor’s Day (A3, LM)

27 May – Special Visitor’s Day (J2, LF)

April 2016

12 April – Teddy Bears Picnic (A3, LM)

15 April – Teddy Bears Picnic (J2, LF)

18 April – Water Bugs (A3, LM)

19 April – Committee Meeting (7:30pm)

21 April – Water Bugs (J2, LF)

Family BBQ – 2016

The Family BBQ on Friday the 11th of March was a success and was enjoyed by all. The children enjoyed seeing their friends in their party wear and everyone had the chance to meet the staff, committee members, friends and families from our Kindy.
The ladies on the social and fundraising committee did a super job at organising and co-ordinating the event and the wonderful parent helpers ensured that everyone was fed and that the event ran smoothly.

The children enjoyed the entertainment. They sang familiar songs, danced and acted out a favourite story.

BBQ renata