New Path to Safety

You may have noticed that the Kindy is looking a lot brighter, thanks to a refresh of the non-slip concrete coating on the front pathway and verandahs over the September holidays.

With thanks to generous funding support from the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund and Councillor for Pullenvale Ward, Margaret de Wit, the Kindy Management Committee has been able to complete this essential safety upgrade project in 2015. Thanks also to Alan Nimmo, who completed the project for us in plenty of time for the summer rainy season. To complete the verandah refurbishment, the Kindy anticipates the new front awnings will be installed in December.

Rainforest Experience

Kevin from the Evergreen Children’s Theatre took us on a journey through the Australian Rainforest by the use of our imaginations and his puppets.

We met the large talking tree, a red eyed tree-frog, a brush turkey, the Noisy pitta, a green catbird, a Black satin bower bird, a Pademelon, a Green Tree Snake and a Kingfisher.

Through this show the children have learned that we need to look after the rainforest so the animals have homes and food to eat. They also found out that people need the rainforest as the trees produce oxygen which we breathe.

This area of learning has been extended through the Rainforest artefacts from the Queensland Museum loans and through the use of our new Interactive Screens.

Rainforest-01 Rainforest -02



Dreamworld Wildlife for Kids

The visiting show; Dreamworld’s Wildlife for Kids came to the Kindy. The children were able to see first hand and close up 5  Australian animals:

  • tawny frogmouth,
  • painted turtle,
  • bilby,
  • green tree frog and a
  • baby saltwater crocodile.

The children learnt about each animal’s life and how it survives in the wild. To reinforce the learning the children pretended to be that animal before bringing it around to see the animal up close. They were lucky enough to be able to touch some of the animals.


Dentist Visit with Kevin the Crocodile

Dr Matt came in to the kindy to talk with us about looking after our teeth.  He is a paediatric dentist and he brought his friend, Kevin the crocodile.  Kevin was a bit cheeky and sometimes squirted water!

Dr Matt  discussed with us why our teeth are important- we use them smile, to chew our food, talk, sing, whistle. He then showed us how to brush our teeth:

Brush Brush Brush your teeth

Brush them twice a day

Up and down and round and round

Keeps the germs away 

We practiced by brushing Kevin’s teeth and then we had a big talk about foods that are “Anyday” foods and “Sometimes” foods.  Some foods have a lot of sugar in them and are not so good for our body and teeth if we were to eat them everyday so we call them “Sometimes” foods.

Thanks Dr Matt!