2018 Family Fun Day

This year’s Family Fun Day celebrations included pony rides, face-painting, balloon twisting, sausage sizzle, bake sale and entertainment by Lucas Proudfoot (Circular Rhythms). These events are always enjoyed by all as it’s a time to meet other families, to show extended families our wonderful Kindy and to have fun together outside of our busy working week.

Thanks to Sponsors Dr Christian Rowan (State Member for Moggill), Westpac, 4069 Real Estate and Leighton Jones for making this event possible and thanks to Kate Richards for providing all the children with Fun Day Bags.

Picnic Time For Teddy Bears’

Our annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic is an event that the children get very excited about. Together with their teachers, the children planned a wonderful day at Kindy for their teddies. The children made sandwiches to eat at the picnic. Honey, which was taken from our Native Bee Hives earlier this year, was a popular topping! We read stories about bears, painted pictures of our visiting teddies and had a special music lesson around Bears and picnics with our Music teacher, Mrs. Lochel.

Science with Dr Joe

This week at kindy, the children were visited by scientist Dr Joe. Dr Joe introduced the children to the basic process of scientific thought and investigation through a variety of science experiments and hands on learning. He encouraged the children to wonder about something and then to work out how it happens, then why does it happen. Throughout the process the children were encouraged to test out their ideas.

Some of the experiments included:                                                                                     

    • Experimenting with air rockets
    • Experiments with air and making a cloud
    • Making gas in a tin can
    • How sound is made
    • Exploring white light

The children did lots of scientific thinking as to what would happen, how will we find out, testing out ideas, observations of what happened and why.

The children were then able to explore a variety of scientific toys and work out how they work and whyThese included marble runs, things to look through, making vortexes, magnets, Newton’s Cradle.

The children thoroughly enjoyed being “scientists” in such a fun interactive hands on learning experience.

July 2018

Open Day: Saturday 28 July 9.30am -11.30am. Everyone is welcome!

Catching Waterbugs

The children have recently enjoyed having the fun, educational and interactive incursion by ‘Waterbug Wonders’.

Waterbug Wonders is an official Nature Play Queensland program and was run by Sue and Wanda.

The children learned about the various insects found in freshwater and were taught that they should use their local creeks and rivers to explore, appreciate and conserve the animals and insects which live in these habitats.

The children had a wonderful hands on experience with waterbug picking. Each child was provided with a selection of materials and water from a local creek. Using a spoon they caught bugs they saw in their tray and put them gently into small vials filled with creek water. The vials allowed the children to clearly see the bugs they had found. This activity was fantastic for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor and observation skills. There were many types of waterbugs and some were very quick and well camouflaged. The children were encouraged to discuss the waterbugs that they had found.

The children learnt about the special things water bugs have that help them live in their water environment. We also were told a story illustrating the need to look after the creeks and the impacts of littering.